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October 26, 2016

Midweek Motivation: Trusting God to Answer Your Call


Scripture for the Week: Psalm 99:6

These past few weeks, it has felt like time has flown by, and the minutes kept slipping through my fingers. My energy was tapped out by all the demands of my day, and I couldn't seem to get a hold of everything. But, in spite of my exhaustion and frustration, I recently took out the time to write my feelings on paper, empty my brain of the stress from the week, and spend some much-needed devotional time with God.

As I voiced my concerns to God, he led me to Psalm 99. While the chapter emphasizes that God is holy, the verse that especially sticks out to me is verse 6 which says, "Moses and Aaron were among his priests, Samuel also was among those who called upon his name. They called to the Lord, and he answered them." Just as the great prophets of God called upon him and received an answer, I am no different in that whenever I call upon the Lord, I can trust that he'll answer me, little ol' me. Understanding that verse gave me a new perspective and immediately relieved me of the doubt and fear I had concerning my life.

Right now at the stage in my life, when it feels like so many important things are out of my control, I am confident that everything will be better then okay because when I call on the Lord, he answers my plea in the best way possible. And I have to trust that no matter how he allows things to work out, he always has my well-being in mind. I encourage you for the rest of this week to cry out to God, to be vocal about your concerns, to thank him, and to know that he knows best. I encourage you to trust that he is ever-present and always working things out in your life.

Declaration for the Week

No matter what happens in my life, I know that when I call on the Lord, he will always be there to answer my call and rescue me. And I will trust his plan and process to fulfill his will in my life.

Have a blessed week!

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