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February 23, 2017

Five Steps to Loving Yourself

This month, some of you may have celebrated Valentine’s Day, which is a time for romance and spending quality time with your special someone. But, where does that leave us single girls? Often, we can end up dwelling on the fact that we’re alone or feeling jaded because of those who did us wrong in the past. I’m here today to tell you that you can flip the script and overcome that pain and love again. In the video below, I share five steps to loving yourself.

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In Inspiration on
November 3, 2016

Get Out of Your Feelings and COMMIT to the Lord


Do you have what it takes to commit? Long-term commitment can be a challenge for someone in a romantic relationship, but the same expectation to commit exists in other relationships, including your relationship with God. The distinction between are human connections and our Godly one is that the latter comes with unique, supernatural, and eternal benefits that surpass anything we could get from a man or woman. So aside from the benefits, why should you commit to the Lord? Let me explain.

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In Inspiration on
October 26, 2016

Midweek Motivation: Trusting God to Answer Your Call


Scripture for the Week: Psalm 99:6

These past few weeks, it has felt like time has flown by, and the minutes kept slipping through my fingers. My energy was tapped out by all the demands of my day, and I couldn't seem to get a hold of everything. But, in spite of my exhaustion and frustration, I recently took out the time to write my feelings on paper, empty my brain of the stress from the week, and spend some much-needed devotional time with God.

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